Do you know how to install an electrostatic precipitator?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

The electrostatic precipitator is this low-current ash removal and cleaning appliance. Its successful product development has created the necessary convenience for people. The friends in front of the screen are familiar with vacuum cleaners, but they area bit unfamiliar withelectrostatic  precipitators, so do not worry.

 The function of the electrostatic precipitator: When the dust-containing gas approaches the filter cloth, the fine dust still moves with the airflow. If the dust radius is smaller than the distance from the dust center to the edge of the filter cloth, the dust will also be captured by the adhesion of the filter cloth. The smaller the filter cloth gap, the more significant this bonding effect. The collision of dust particles will generate static electricity. If the filter cloth is an insulator, it will become a filter cloth battery. When the dust is not related to the charged charge of the filter cloth, the dust will adhere to the filter cloth, which improves the dust removal efficiency and makes it difficult to remove the dust.


Precautions for installation of electrostatic precipitator:

1. Special attention should be paid when installing: the center of the five parts of the blowpipe hole, venturi nozzle, filter bag frame, dust filter bag and flower plate should be similar, and the deviation should be greater than 2mm.
2. During the installation of the filter bag, smoking is strictly prohibited, and no part of any shape is allowed to be welded or cut off. Do not use fire lighting such as lighters and matches during power outages. After the daily after-loading operations, count the installation tools to avoid accidentally falling on the filter bag and damaging the filter bag.
3. The installation staff should wear refined clothing. It is recommended to sterilize the clothes packaging bags. Drinks, tobacco, mobile phone earphones, rings, knife cutting and other characteristics are never allowed. Therefore, prevent falling into the dust bag. (If the dust falls into the dust bag, remove it).

4. Boots with steel nails or material fabrics cannot be used for modification. The employees who install the dust bag must be special, have a special position, and have clear responsibilities. Each person shall make a record of the dust bag installed by himself, and sign these in the record book.


      The above is the introduction of how to install electrostatic precipitator. As a professional electrostatic precipitator manufacturer, there are many styles worthy of your trust and choice.




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