Common electrostatic precipitator failures are caused by the harm of elements at various levels?

2020-07-25 09:04:19

The common failures of electrostatic precipitator equipment  have different main manifestations due to the hazards of elements at various levels. According to the analysis of the maintenance records in recent years, it is found that the common failures caused by the corona discharge electrode breakage, dampness, and poor actual operation account for 70% Up and down, so the maintenance of machinery and equipment on daily work is improved.

Improve the management methods and network monitoring of electrostatic precipitator equipment , improve the maintenance records of machinery and equipment, deal with problems in a timely manner, and properly deal with them, so as to avoid the expansion of common faults caused by the operation of machinery and equipment with common failures. During the entire operation of the electrostatic precipitator equipment, the operating conditions of the rapping and ash unloading drive system should be checked every 1 hour, the high and low voltage current and voltage values of the silicon rectifier transformers of each electrostatic field, and the temperature values of the inlet and outlet of the precipitat . And make corresponding data records and fault records.

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