What is a horizontal electrostatic precipitator?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

 Dust collectors are used in environments with a lot of dust to absorb dust and purify the air, which is helpful to human health. Thereare manytypes of dust collectors, and electrostatic precipitators  are one of many dust collectors. According to the appearance, electrostatic precipitators can be divided into two types, one vertical and one horizontal.

The  working principle of the horizontal electrostatic precipitator is  basically the same as that of the electrostatic precipitator, and the dust is removed by the two systems of the halo electrode and the precipitation electrode. When the dust-containing gas enters the dust collector, the dust-containing gas is adjusted by the air distribution plate and the baffle, so that the air flow can enter the electric field more uniformly. Under the action of the cross-sectional expansion, the airflow velocity decreases rapidly, and some of the heavier dust particles lose their velocity and settle down. The dust-containing gas entering the electric field is connected to the corona electrode with high-voltage direct current, a corona phenomenon occurs near the corona electrode, which ionizes the gas. There are a large number of electrons and ions in the ionized gas, which makes the dust carry electrons and make it Adsorbed on the cathode plate. Afterwards, the cathode and anode rapping system of the equipment is used to shake off the dust deposited on the anode and cathode electrodes, and enter the ash collecting hopper to be discharged through the ash discharge device.


Features of horizontal electrostatic precipitator:

1. Maintenance-free inside the electric field and non-stop maintenance outside the electric field.

2. With large air volume, multiple electric fields can be connected in parallel.

3. Sturdy structure, excellent transmission of rapping force, and wide application range.

4. The corona wire has high rigidity, good discharge performance, and can work continuously and efficiently.

5. Rapping intensity, period and sequence can be adjusted.



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