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Shenzhen Telitronics Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, dedicated to industrial dust removal and automation. The company has established a complete set of dust removal solutions: including automation equipment, fallout detection, electrostatic dust removal, ultrasonic washing, high-pressure water washing and so on.

The company has been recognised by LG, RadiantOpto-Electronics Inventec, compal, AOC and other international first-tier companies.

Main market Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Europe, North America. Mainland China and so on the main customers LG and Samsung Co-operative Society, Foxconn Co-operative Society, Hikvision, Peng Ding Holdings Qunchuang Optoelectronics, ultrasonic electronics, CIMC, TCL, BOE, Lance Technology, Huatong Precision Computer and so on.

  • 2006

    Company established in 2006

  • 3000+

    Plant area over 3000 square metres

  • 30+

    More than 30 qualifications

  • 100+

    More than 100 co-operative customers


Honor qualification


History of Development

Telitronics was established, and is honoured to be the qualified supplier of Ruiyi Optoelectronics, Tianhan Technology and so on.
Accredited as a Qualified Supplier by Hays ColourSpring
Qualified Supplier of TPV Display, Warburg Communications, Inventec
Qualified as an LG supplier
Telitronics has launched the net dust removal equipment for the vacuum moulding industry, this important innovative product effectively helps users and customers to meet the new face of dust control, and better serve their customers. This will help to improve the efficiency and working environment of our customers and create new value for them.
Become a supplier of equipment to Tokura Technologies and Baoming Co.
Became the supplier of electronic equipment for JUNLING Electronics, Hong Kong Upstairs Group, HONGXIN, HANDING Optoelectronics, ZHENGWEI Group, NJG.
Become KCI, JMT, HJ, with the Xingda shares, Lianchuang shares, the collar benefit manufacturing, Lonely Technology, Peng Ding Holdings, Qunchuang Optoelectronics, Yecheng Technology, and other suppliers, the product gradually occupy the foreign market, the formation of non-contact cleaning, washing, board cleaning and other series of dust removal equipment R & D coverage, to become the cleaning cleaning industry advanced.
Become the equipment supplier of Herby International, BOE, TCL, Korea Believe Brake, CIMC, Hikvision, and other international first-class large enterprises.
Add high-end clean plant and high-end cleaning equipment exported to Japan and South Korea, to carry out high-end cleaning service for blister trays.
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