What equipment is used for coating machine exhaust gas treatment?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Coating is a method of coating pasty polymer, molten polymer or polymer melt on paper or plastic film or composite material (film) made of cloth. Coating technology is widely used in paper and film coating and composite packaging. There is a large amount of VOC waste gas in the production process. According to environmental protection requirements, VOC waste gas treatment equipment must be used for treatment before it can be discharged at a high altitude. Today, the editor of Taili Chuangsi Technology Co., Ltd. briefly introduces what treatment equipment is used for coating waste gas treatment?


There will be varying degrees of environmental pollution in the coating process, mainly air pollution. The main gas pollutant is "volatile organic matter", which is abbreviated as VOC (mainly including isopropanol, benzene series, ethyl acetate, alcohol, heavy metals Silver ion acrylic acid, acetone, etc.) are organic compounds that can react with nitrogen oxides in the ozone layer of sunlight. VOCs that volatilize into the air will combine with fine dust particles and other substances in dust to form a fog, which stimulates the human lungs. , Has a negative impact on the health of animals and plants.


The traditional treatment equipment adopts "UV photolysis waste gas purification equipment + activated carbon adsorber" for treatment and then discharges at high altitude through the exhaust cylinder.

The coating waste gas is powered by a fan to enter the UV photolysis process. The waste gas is decomposed by UV ultraviolet beams to decompose the malodorous gas in the waste gas. Then it enters the activated carbon adsorption equipment. Through full contact with the activated carbon, the waste gas is adsorbed and treated by its adsorption. . This process is relatively low in one-time investment, but its follow-up maintenance costs are high. In addition, in recent years, some medium and large enterprises have been unable to meet environmental protection standards.

 Basically, the combined process of "activated carbon adsorption equipment + catalytic combustion equipment" is used as treatment equipment.

The principle is to first enter the activated carbon adsorption equipment for adsorption, and when the adsorption is saturated, enter the catalytic combustion equipment for desorption regeneration. The activated carbon is regenerated by desorption with hot air, and the desorbed concentrated organic matter is sent to the catalytic combustion bed. By catalytic combustion, organic matter is oxidized to harmless CO2 and H20. Suitable for low concentration, medium and high air volume coating exhaust gas


For larger coating companies, the processing air volume is also larger, which can use "zeolite runner concentration + regenerative incinerator (RTO)"

Mainly use the porous adsorption of zeolite molecular sieve to adsorb and concentrate the organic matter with large air volume. The concentrated organic matter is oxidized and decomposed into harmless C and H compounds in the organic components at high temperature (≥750°C) in the regenerative waste gas incinerator (RTO) Carbon dioxide and water.



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