Blister box water cleaning machine

2020-11-11 09:14:29
Blister box water cleaning machine

Product name: TL-W Series Tray Washing Machine     Blister Box Water Washing Machine

Model: TL-W560

Tray cleaning machine details:

The dust removal automation system is composed of a main controller, solenoid valves, etc. It is mainly a machine for simple control and condition monitoring of the dust collector . The bag-type dust removal control system mainly uses PLC as the main controller to control solenoid valves, pulse valves, motors, and instrument dust removal automation systems. Automatic dust removal machine

Real-time control and detection of meters, etc., according to user needs, mainly include the following:

1. Stand-alone automatic operation control system: The main control cabinet is set on the spot. When working, it is controlled by the PLC after the program is set. The injection and interval time can be steplessly adjusted by the potentiometer on the plc according to the working conditions.

2. Host computer monitoring system: It is composed of a PLC control cabinet and a computer. The operation and operation monitoring of the dust collector is completed on the computer. The computer displays the working status and process flow of each valve, instrument, motor, etc. in real time. The control system controls operations and parameter settings.

3. Form a passive contact response control system or communication control system with the customer's DCS: network and communicate with the customer's DCS system to perform simple control and status monitoring of the dust collector.







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