Corporate History of Shenzhen Taili Chuangsi Technology Co., Ltd.
◆Tali Chuangsi Technology was established in 2006, and it is honored to be a qualified supplier of Ruiyi Optoelectronics and Tianhan Technology
◆In 2007, it was recognized by HannStar Caixin and became a qualified supplier
◆ In 2008, it was awarded the qualified supplier of TPV Display, Huabao Communication, and IAC.
◆In 2010, it obtained the qualification of LG supplier.
◆In 2013, Telicos launched the purification and dust removal equipment for the plastic cracking industry , which is an important innovative product Effectively help users and customers to control the new face of dust, and better serve their customers. Complete the user's own performance, improve the working environment, and create new value returns
◆In 2014, Taili Chuangsi and Suxin Purification, Shanghai Jiusheng, Taiwan Jifu Industrial, established a good strategic cooperative relationship, and now it has become a plastic tray dust removal Professional consultants in the field, to achieve good cooperation with users in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong and other places.
◆In 2015, it became the equipment supplier of Decang Technology and Baoming.
◆In 2016, it became the supplier of Junling Electronics, Hong Kong Upstairs Group, Hongxin Co., Ltd., Handing Optoelectronics, Zhengwei Group, Nanji Optoelectronics" In 2017, it became KCI, JMT, H, Tongxingda Co., Ltd., Lianchuang Co., Ltd. Manufacturing, Longli Technology, Zhending Co., Ltd., Innolux, Yecheng Technology, and other suppliers, products gradually occupy foreign markets, forming a research and development coverage of non-contact cleaning, water washing, panel cleaning and other series of dust removal equipment, becoming a clean cleaning industry Advanced.

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