How effective is the blister disc dust removal equipment?

2020-10-26 17:29:35

What is the effect of the blister discdust removal equipment  ? It is a question that every user needs to know. Sirui Electronics answers this question: the dust, hair, debris and other foreign objects on the surface of the blister disc are electrostatically adsorbed, and the surface is free of oil and water. The air pressure reaches 0.6-0.75mpa, the flow rate is 1.8m3/min, and the dust removal effect is 96%.
 Effect  plastic disc dust collector factors effect
1. plastic disc product shape: size, dead status;
2. adsorption of dust, yarn is off;
3. Pressure Size: recommended state 0.6-0.75mpa, 1.8m3 / min
4. Packaging environment: It is recommended to build a simple and clean area in the packaging area;.
5. The product placement time, such as the product is exposed to the air, adhered dust, and the dust removal effect is reduced.
Manufacturers of blister disc dust removal equipment recommend to watch the blister disc dust removal effect video in the video area, or come to our company to test the dust removal effect. Dust removal device configuration associated with the further inlet conveyor: anti-static belt (plastic disc reduced contact area with the pipeline) static elimination: high static elimination bar ions (Group 2) (effective product surface and electrostatic positive and negative ions)
Dust Module: High-speed dust removal air stick. (2 groups) (optional, thorough dust removal) Dust collection
module: centrifugal fan Pressure: 800pa, flow: 1500m3/h (3 groups) (timely dust collection to prevent secondary pollution)
Drive motor: DDK motor (warranty two Year)
Speed: 0-40m/min
Operation panel: Mitsubishi PLC system control, man-machine interface operation (option)
Host structure: aluminum profile, cold plate paint, stainless steel plate (option)
Equipment power: 2.2KW
when the equipment is used When in a clean room or when the product is smaller than 50mm, please communicate with customer service in time to configure different dust collection and transmission methods.



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