Blister tray dust removal machine

2020-11-11 10:41:24
Blister tray dust removal machine

Product Name:Tray Dust  tray clean equipment     Blister Tray Dust

Model: TL-C5511

 Blister box dust remover, also known asblister tray dust remover  , blister packaging tray dust remover, is a non-standard automatic electrostatic dust removal equipment  . Because of its easy operation and good dust removal effect, it is widely used in blister factories and electronics factories. , Medical packaging trays and other blister boxes surface dust removal, most of which are used for dust removal on the surface of blister factories and blister industries.

Dust removal principle of blister box:

  Due to the material and the production process, the blister box is prone to static electricity, which can absorb the suspended dust and fibers in the environment. The blister tray dust collector  uses a high-voltage generator to generate positive and negative ions through an electrostatic rod, and the surface of the blister box Electrostatic neutralization, high-pressure wind dust removal, this is the working principle of the blister box dust collector.




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