Automatic stacking dust collector

2020-11-11 10:39:22
Automatic stacking dust collector

Product name: automatic stacking dust removal machine      automatic dust removal equipment

Model: TL-C6010D 

Automatic stacking dust removal refers to equipment that separates dust from flue gas, also called dust collector or dust removal equipmentDust removal equipment uses underground dust removal water pipes and compressed air pipelines, adds certain additives to the water, introduces wind pressure, and completes a series of technological processes through special equipment to produce foam, which is sprayed onto the dust source through distributors and nozzle bracket components . 

Features of dust removal equipment:

Foam acts on the dust through good coverage, moisturization, adhesion, etc., effectively reducing the dust concentration on the mining surface, greatly improving the working environment of the mining face, improving the work efficiency of underground workers, and effectively reducing the pneumoconiosis of the frontline workers The incidence of disease.

Compared with other wet dust suppression methods, foam dust suppression can reduce water consumption by 50% to 80%, and the dust suppression efficiency is 3 to 5 times higher than that of spraying water. Foam dust suppression has the following characteristics:

1. The foam can cover the dust source without gaps, and fundamentally prevent the dust from spreading out;

2. After the liquid forms foam, the total volume and total surface area are greatly increased, which increases the efficiency of collision with dust and purifies the working environment of the underground mining surface;

3. The foam liquid film contains special additives, which can quickly change the wettability of the dust and increase the speed at which the dust is wetted;

4. The foam has very good viscosity, dust and foam will be quickly adhered to the foam after contact.

5. Suppress the sparks generated by the action of the roadheader's pick and coal and rock, and prevent the resulting gas and coal dust explosion accidents.

6. The water consumption is small, which avoids the sinking of the fully mechanized excavator caused by the large water consumption of water mist dust removal and improves the work efficiency.

7. The dust removal efficiency is high, which greatly improves the sight of the roadheader driver, eliminates the hidden safety hazards caused by this, and improves the section quality and production efficiency.






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